Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is set for January 19, 2020 this year. We hope you will take a moment to pray for Creative Choices Pregnancy Resource Center and to remember the lives of the approximately 800,000 pregnancies that ended in abortion this year.

The preciousness of life throughout the Holy Scriptures is apparent, and even in the days before ultrasound and technology allowed a view to the mother's womb, there was evidence of people believing in the value of the unborn child. Even the Psalmist stated in Psalm 139:13, “For You formed my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb.”

The calling and mission of Creative Choices Pregnancy Resource Center remains the same as it has always been since its incorporation in 1985. We are here to see the pre-born given a chance to live by offering free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and life affirming classes to any woman who seeks our assistance, we are here to help women overcome the affects of abortion by offering counseling and prayer to those who come through our doors with a broken heart, and we are here to offer pro-life support to family members who want to be involved in the lives of newborn relatives and their mothers.

Because of your support we were able to serve our community with medical assistance by offering pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, classes for prenatal care and parenting, and material supplies including diapers, blankets and clothing. With your continued support we will be able to continue to care for women and the pre-born child in our surrounding area.

Thank you for your prayers, support and volunteer hours that you gave us in 2019 and will give to us in 2020.

We ask that your prayer for us on January 19 be that we will always honor Christ first,
support the pre-born child and love the parents that walk in our doors with an unconditional and life affirming love.

Blessings and Thanks,
Renee’ B. Clark
Creative Choices Pregnancy Resource Center

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